“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”

– Jeff Bezos


Currently, one of the fastest-growing businesses online is the selling of information products. It is all about digitally packaging your ideas, knowledge, experiences, and expertise into something valuable for your audience and consumers online. Info products must go directly to providing solutions and answers to a particular problem. They must provide your audience or customers with value to help them stay ahead in a particular field. For example, help them to work conveniently and with speed, help them find ways of earning money or to help them be better users of an application, etc. These products are intended to educate people or provide solutions to a particular difficulty.

With information products, you may not have to own a manufacturing or an office place. They are usually downloadable items that your audience, readers, or subscribers can easily download and read on their devices. These products are created digitally and electronically transferred. You do not require many resources to come up with an information product, except most of the time your knowledge and skill. Any product deemed as information product must be useful in helping to stay organized or help you discover something new. e.g., an e-book or an online course. Info products must help your reader in other to be an information product and must be in demand and beneficial to whoever finds them. The information provided must not be just mere information. Any information product must help your audience locate or find whatever a reader wants in an organized way and from reliable sources. They are often packaged in the following manner text, videos, and a combination of both. The following are examples of information products, membership, subscriptions, e-books, webinars, podcasts, online courses etc.

Creating and selling information products is one of the best means of making money online in this digital age.

You can host your information books on Gumroad and sell them. You can market them on various social media networks or create your email list from a digital product. The opportunities are endless!


The following are some reasons to inspire you to create an information product

● There are no limits to the number of information to produce and sell. One information product could be sold to several thousands of people without running out nor getting perished or reduced in value. One Product also created could be sold on different sales platforms at the same time, There is no need to worry about holding inventory, packaging, or the shipment. These are issues with physical products, not digital products. Create once and sell many times.

● Digital products are easy to distribute, significantly more sustainable, and can be replicated infinitely. They are also not too difficult to create.

● There is almost zero barrier cost to entry, except the value you are providing

● Low cost to start. You do not usually require huge resources to start this business, except for your knowledge and level of skill.


Step-by-Steps to Creating an Alphabet Activity Book – with Images beginner to Advance




Activity books are one of the most popular and highly demanded types of books, for obvious reasons. They are the type of books, typically aimed at kids, with lots of interactive content. Examples are letter or number tracing, coloring, puzzles, and quizzes activity books. These books help kids to develop their writing, reading, and reasoning skills, whilst enjoying a fun activity. The learning of children dramatically improves as they perform most of these learning activities.

Get this information e-book and start a digital business online. You will learn;

  • Learn how to set up PowerPoint environment professionally to support designing
  • How to design an Alphabet Tracing and coloring book with PowerPoint
  • get a step by step way to do this. This book gives a step by step images on how to handle every activity.
  • How to use Inkscape to manipulate images
  • Where to Find Images for Your Book and how to manipulate PNG/JPG into a vector or SVG images
  • How to work to covert images to SVG’s in Inkscape and use them in PowerPoint
  • Various platforms to host and sell your products

Get this book and start creating your first INFORMATION PRODUCT



“To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep”

David Bailey 


Do you know you can package your ideas, skills, and expertise into a course and sell for on the internet for money? And this can make you money even whilst you are asleep. Are you looking for a reliable and sustainable way to earn money on the internet? Then creating and selling courses online is the business to get into. In today’s digital world, starting an online class is one of the top 10 profitable online businesses.

Can you teach what you are good to other people? No matter who you are AND the level of your knowledge and expertise, there is something you can teach to others and others.

Is it a long-time passion of yours? An idea, or something you’ve always loved to teach and answer questions about – or maybe it’s something you’ve only considered creating content for in your most far-flung dreams. You may have shelved this great dream because you are not sure how to go about it.

Do you know you will be unstoppable if you can take this to the next level? What I mean is, no one can stop you if you find a way to bottle up that spark of passion in you and deliver it to the world.

“For the first time in history, artists are actually the most valuable people in the world.”

― Anuj Jasani

Creating and selling DIGITAL PRODUCTS on the internet is a booming, and lucrative business. Digital products are great and reliable ways to make money online, especially in this digital era.  It is a very lucrative business. Taking online courses is popular due to the COVID.

Self-education through online learning is an emerging trend, which is preferred not only by old people like myself, but by the young as well. Online courses have come to fill in the gaps of knowledge and learning.  The significant increase in the number of people online who are searching for knowledge is going up by the day. This could be attributed to the availability of electronic gadgets likes, the smartphones, tablets, and computers. This has facilitated the ease at which one can acquire knowledge in their field of interest. It also should be mentioned that the COVID has pushed more people to be on the internet regularly, searching for the keywords’ money online home. The pandemic has also created some new categories of students looking for access to education and learning resources. There are others, on the other hand, who are comfortable with the flexibility of education that comes with online learning and courses, especially leaning in their own homes with no pressure like that, typical of traditional school learning.

This is easily achievable with the right tools and steps. Now, creators everywhere are turning their passion and skills into digital products that change the lives of people. And that’s the ultimate power of creating online courses: it’s not just that they drive six-figure businesses (they do) or that they help creators share their spark with the world while earning passive income – it’s that they change lives.

Get proven steps to quickly create and sell your online courses

How do you know if your online course will make any money?

  • Know the reasons why this is the perfect time to create and sell courses online.
  • Learn how to create your first product online
  • Learn how to make your courses appealing to people.
  • Understand how this is a lucrative business?
  • How do you plan an online course launch with a small list of social media followers and/or email subscribers?

Take heart: No matter what subject or topic you want to teach and the level of experience you have in creating videos and lessons. Whether you’ve ever put together a marketing campaign in your life, creating an online course can be accomplished in a few simple and easy steps.

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