The Ultimate keys to harvesting emails


Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is anything that you provide to someone in exchange for their contact information. They are designed to pull in, or “magnetize” more leads. Lead magnets are important, as they show your first opportunity at providing value to your audience. It’s your chance to shine and show people that you know what you are talking about, and show how excited you are to be talking about it. As the term might suggest, lead magnets are used for lead generation. A lead magnet is a great way to show that you care about what you are talking about. It’s a great way to build an audience. In marketing, a lead magnet is a free digital product or download. It encourages website visitors to leave their email addresses. And opt-in to an email list. That’s why lead magnets in marketing are called opt-in bribes and content upgrades. Lead magnets usually target website visitors who are not yet ready to buy any item from the store. If they leave their email addresses, they become secondary conversion goals. Businesses will send targeted marketing materials continuously until they convert into actual buyers. It often starts by creating a relevant free product. Online businesses try to identify different queries that bring them to traffic, and then create a free digital download around that topic. The most popular free digital downloads are e-books, white papers, newsletters, and webinars.
After creating a free product, online stores create forms for website visitors to complete to receive a free product. Businesses take their time in designing and optimizing these forms for a higher chance that visitors will leave their email addresses and opt-in to an email marketing list. Online businesses then place these forms on the most suitable part of the websites. Website visitors who engage the website may click the lead magnet, sign up, and complete the form. Once completed, the free product is immediately sent via email automation. The website’s visitors then become part of an email marketing list that is targeted regularly until they are converted into purchasing a product.
Do not overcomplicate this process. Write a 3-10 pages e-book relating to the niche you are selling, and upload it to your landing page or email platform. This written book become the lead magnet.


For Your lead magnet to be effective, it should: Be free (with sign-up)

  • Make a promise
  • Engage with key points
  • Add great value to your customer
  • Satisfy a need or solve a problem (at least give direction to solving the problem)
  • Appeal to your target audience
  • Provide needed information
  • Have a clear call to action.

The title and cover — the title and cover is what gives your lead magnet its magnetic force. Makes sense, right? Your big chance to showcase the value of your offer comes through;

(i)  How it is called and

(ii) How it’s presented.

Your “book” will indeed be judged by its cover. Don’t think that the rest of your lead magnet can be rubbish. No! You may be able to get away with growing your email list with a lead magnet that makes a big promise, but delivers little in substance. Do not forget, this flimsy strategy will backfire in the long run. You will not only succeed in convincing your lead magnet to push your prospects’ buttons in all the right ways.

The How to: Customers want guidance

So much of what takes place online is essentially a Q&A exercise. Everyone’s looking for answers, instructions, and guidance of some sort to a problem in they are wrestling with. The “how to” is the essential way to fulfil these requests.


How to lubricate your lead machine?

1/ Try making your headline a list

This works the best if your lead magnet contains a list of items, a checklist or a number of solutions to a problem. As we all know, nothing works best at engaging the audience than openly stating what your lead magnet contains. Straight information about your lead magnet’s content. Example

  • How to Decorate Your Home Office;
  • How to solve your company’s high labor turnover issues
  • Twelve Ideas that cost less than $50.

It focuses on a specific problem. There is no mystery about what solutions they’re going to offer. Notice how the specificity adds to the magnetism. There is a promise of actionable and trustworthy information, a reader will be able to start implementing in their business or life right away.

2/ The command

But you could also be super bold and make a powerful statement about your eBook or checklist. One way to do it is by using “the ultimate” formula.

For example:

  • The ULTIMATE guide to digital marketing
  • The ULTIMAT guide to Affiliate Marketing
  • The ULTIMATE guide to making money online

The word “ultimate” is precise and definitive. You could also put it this way;

  • Unrivaled guide
  • Complete guide
  • Really good guide
  • The last guide to _____ you’ll ever need
  • The definitive guide to Affiliate Marketing

3/ Simply tell your readers why they experience a particular problem

This is the “reason why” approach, titles is as simple as listing the main problem your eBook targets. For example:

  • “Why you are not making money on Twitter.”

However, you can also use this formula to write list-based titles, i.e.:

  • “5 Reasons why your calls to action don’t convert”
  • “10 most common reasons for low website conversions.”

4/ Compel customers with action

The command approach to writing a great lead-magnet-title is simple and effective.

These are in the form of a directive or command that starts with a verb examples like: Gas-Up, Optimize, Decorate, and build. Think through other options relevant to your audience.

You may be able to help a potential customer save, grow, expand, accelerate, win, dominate, start, end, control, train, learn. All verbs, all good.


Lead magnet is very important to the harvesting of emails, and emails are the foundation for any effective long term relationship with the customer.

All these and more are included in my e-book, the Ultimate Secrets for making money online and more. The book also guide readers on how to create landing pages, step-by-step guide on how to create and sell e-books, how to effectively make a living and move away from the 9-5 routine job and more.


How a poorly designed website can impact growth and revenue generation



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Websites and Blogs

Do you know that a well designed website or blog could be the game changer in this competitive global market environment? A strong internet presence could have great impact on your organizational outlook and prospects.

I had an interaction with a young prospective business owner in my country about a year ago, and through our interactions, I realized that his business has the potential to do better than it is presently. The main issue about his business slow growth prospect has to do with his website which was poorly designed. Every element on that website was static and there appear to be no dynamic relationships between the items, nor interactions with his clients nor suppliers could be achieved through this site, except for clients to probably know that yes, this business exist. What do I mean by that? This gentleman had a website but apparently it has not been designed to maximize performance efficiency, in other to help his business generate the needed traffic and revenue. I said to him, Kofi, do you know that your website could be boosting your revenue several times more than it is contributing to your business presently? He retorted how? “I already have an internet presence and why must I concern myself again to make it dynamic, when I could just round my sales team up and show them how to go about their daily sales activities. I know I pay my sales team well and that is okay for the business, moreover my website was designed for those who may want to know whether I have a company and not more” I was at a moment stunned because people who visited the company’s website had a hard time figuring out what the business was about.

I explained the importance of having a dynamically designed online presence that could help him make sales and grow his brand image. I encouraged Kofi to get his website upgraded from a professional perspective, instead from his own perspective and through the opinions of lay people. I made him understand that as a lay person, his website may appear right to him, based on his own personal biases but not dynamic enough to generate the expected revenue as it may appear confusing to others.

I understood Kofi, because most small businesses lack the understanding on how a website could help enhance their brand image and revenue. I said to him, with the right people and planning, a website could become a money-making utility for his business.


How an excellent digital marketing strategy can impact your brand


There is a popular conception out there that engaging in social media marketing activities means digital marketing. No! Social media marketing is a subset or just an aspect of digital marketing. It is only one channel of online marketing. These two concepts have been misunderstood and sometimes used interchangeably, probably due to their shared online nature, but the two as said above are never ever the same.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a digital marketing strategy that adopts purely social media as the marketing medium. Most companies who adopt this form of strategy use any or all of the following channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and some blogs for the marketing activities. This involves engaging with social influencers to spread the news about your brand or product. This usually entails interacting with your target audience via regularly fresh posts with interesting and catchy content, organizing contests, and sharing regular online magazines and other exciting means to gain the attention of your target audience.


Digital Marketing

Digital or online marketing involves using all digital or online-based technologies to drive traffic or sales to your site or product. This typically involves usage of the electronic media to advertise and promote a product.

Digital Marketing Tools

To succeed as a digital marketer in this ever-changing and competitive global environment requires that you get active in one or more social media forums at the same time to keep up with the remote competitor.

In this post, I will outline some digital marketing tools that will be helpful to transform your brand image. Some of these marketing tools may already be known to you but will expound and provide a more expert opinion on their impact. The following are approaches or strategies to digital marketing.

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay per click
  • Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a targeted form of digital marketing, which uses optimized commercial messages via emails to deliver a brand’s marketing message to a list of email subscribers who have explicitly agreed to receive promotional and marketing material for a client. This is a popular channel because it generates the overall highest return on investment. It may be used to increase sales, improve brand loyalty, and deliver important information. Any of the following tools are best employed to achieve the objective of an enterprise.

GetResponce is a Powerful and simplified tool to send emails, create pages, and automate your marketing. It is one of the best email platforms for organizations, which fulfills almost all of our email marketing needs. It includes all the features to target subscribers in the best way efficiently

EmailOctopus is an innovative email marketing platform that allows users to send an email for less through Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES). It is a powerful solution that facilitates low-cost email marketing without sacrificing scalability and deliverability. Simple, powerful tools to grow your business. offers an easy-to-use user interface that enables marketers to generate rich HTML emails and send them to subscribers with a few clicks.

In addition, EmailOctopus comes with reliable automation tools that enable businesses to come up with time-based drip email and onboarding sequences.

ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences. ActiveCampaign’s category-defining Customer Experience Automation (CXA) Platform helps over 130,000 businesses in 170 countries meaningfully engage with their customers. The platform gives businesses of all sizes access to hundreds of pre-built automation that combine email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and machine learning for powerful segmentation and personalization across social, email, messaging, chat, and text. Over 70% of ActiveCampaign’s customers use its 300+ integrations including Shopify, Square, Facebook, and Salesforce. ActiveCampaign was built on the idea that an excellent customer experience must go beyond the traditional marketing touchpoints, like email. Delivering a personalized, high-touch experience is easy in the very beginning, but as a business grows— adding channels, additional teams, locations, customer segments, etc.— the complexity of managing relationships is too much, and that personalized connection doesn’t scale (this is why we’ve all received sales emails for products we already own, been asked to review a product we returned or had disjointed experiences across success reps while trying to resolve a support ticket, etc.) This is why email marketing, marketing automation, service and support tools, and CRMs end up wasting time for organizations instead of supporting their growth.


Moosend is an email marketing and marketing automation platform designed to help you send and manage an email marketing campaign. It allows businesses to segment mailing lists, send newsletters, and evaluate their email campaign performance.

But is it the perfect software for you?

Social media

Social media plays a very critical role in the promotion of any brand online. You can drive traffic to your website solely by leveraging social media effectively. You can optimize your post through automation, by using social media management tools. These can help you schedule your post, and also help you post on all networks concurrently.

Any of the following tools are what we prescribe to help promote a brand more effectively and automatedly.

Socialoomph let you do all of this in one place. You can schedule posts in advance, automatically start following people who follow you, and update multiple accounts at once – perfect for posting a link to a new blog across several different platforms. lets you simultaneously manage more social media platforms and more accounts than many of its rivals, but not every major social media network you may use is supported

SocialPilot lets you set up your social network accounts and allows you to schedule posts in advance. It let you set up your social network accounts and allows you to schedule posts in advance

In fact, If you want more subscribers and more revenue from your YouTube channel, you are going to love TubeBuddy. In fact, If you want more subscribers and more revenue from your YouTube channel, you are going to love TubeBuddy

Top SEO tools for digital marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, there are several tools that could help you gain some level of success. But this article will guide you through the best yet available on the market to drive the best traffic.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and they are tools to help get traffic for your website. This is the way to “rank” your website in search engine scores, thereby improving the percentage of organic traffic. The organization uses the SEO technique to grow its businesses over the world wide web.

SEMrush is a popular SEO tool that specializes in keyword research, competitor analysis and Google Ad campaign optimization. Semrush knows a lot about your market and website. It gives you access to the world’s largest database of 20 billion keywords, 310 million ads and 17 billion URLs crawled per day.

“Semrush is like a keyword research tool, Google Trends, Moz, Hootsuite and SimilarWeb in one.”

Mangools is a package of easy to use SEO tools that cover everything from keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis to SEO analysis of competitors. It’s great for bloggers, affiliate marketers, marketing agencies, SEO professionals and beginners. The ease of use, visualizations and great UX helps to quickly understand all the data even for people who are starting with SEO. Mangools is an amazing value for money if you are not looking for complicated all-in-one tools.

KWFinder is an amazing software known for its ease of use. Its simplicity and user-friendliness make it the most loved software amongst experienced users, as well as newbies. Besides facilitating local keyword research, KWFinder also conducts SERP analysis.

Keyword Tool helps you employ Google Suggest for keyword research. It extracts Google keyword suggestions and presents them to you in an easy-to-understand interface.

To generate long-tail keyword suggestions, Keyword Tool prepends and appends the search term which you specify with different letters and numbers, places it into Google search box and pulls out keyword suggestions. Best part, all of it happens in a split of a second!

Using Keyword Tool, you can choose a specific Google domain out of 192 supported domains and one out of 83 languages that will be used to produce keyword suggestions.

Ubersuggest allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a conscious effort at generating stories, videos, podcasts, blog reports, social media posts (content) that your prospective followers already have an interest in. It is about writing informative content that benefits and informs your users. In brief, it is communicating to a specific client or clients. The aim is to increase brand loyalty, customer retention, and indirectly augment conversions.

It is a deliberate effort at giving away valuable content in order to retain the client for possible future sales. These valuable contents are usually provided at no cost to help build audience or followership and trust in a brand, and the long-term goal is to grab attention, retention, and to enjoy some future sales.

Any of the following tools are best to enhance your content online.

AnswerThePublic is one of the most powerful keyword research tools for discovering what people are searching for on forums, blogs and on social media and then turns those questions into great keywords.

It’s a free visual keyword research & content ideas tool. Having built up a database from millions of searches it’ll predict what you’re going to ask, based on the information that’s already been entered.

Answer the Public tool also generates suggestions based on prepositions, such as “like”, “versus”, “with” and “without”, as well as an alphabetical search which adds letters to the original query, listing the most common queries which use each letter.

InVideo helps you to transform your content into great videos. We serve media companies, small businesses, and brands to expand audience engagement through the power of video content. This tool is ideal for marketers, publishers, individuals and agencies to take their brand content strategy to the next level


ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder designed to help businesses automate their sale process from start to finish. It gives you the power to control every stage of the buying journey.

With ClickFunnels, you can create regular websites, landing pages, opt-in pages, squeeze pages, membership sites, and webinars, among other things. And it makes it easy for anyone of any tech skill level to create sales funnels with a variety of pre-designed, highly customizable funnels available.

Often entrepreneurs and businesses use ClickFunnels to sell and promote products or services online. Others use it to supercharge their lead generation campaigns for their businesses.

Pay per click

PPC is a method of driving traffic to your website by paying a publisher every time your ad is clicked. One of the commonly used digital marketing techniques is ‘Pay Per Click (PPC)’. A digital marketer would require the right PPC tools to optimize the campaigns, increase sales and reduce the advertising budget. The Following are the best PPC tools for you to make your life easier:

  • Paid ads on Facebook: Here, users can pay to customize a video, image post, or slideshow, which Facebook will publish to the newsfeeds of people who match your business’s audience.
  • Twitter Ads campaigns: Here, users can pay to place a series of posts or profile badges to the news feeds of a specific audience, all dedicated to accomplishing a specific goal for your business. This goal can be website traffic, more Twitter followers, tweet engagement, or even app downloads.
  • Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn: Here, users can pay to send messages directly to specific LinkedIn users based on their industry and background.

How digital marketing impact brand

According to the UK, (IAB) digital advert display raises brand awareness by over 12%, and that it positively shifts brand awareness, a perception that may result in possible future sales. Kristanne Roberts, global development director – brand lift insights at Kantar, echoed, to succeed, digital campaigns need to be specifically tailored across displays and on all platform formats. Further research from Kantar shows that digital ads (online video, online display, and Facebook) contribute 15% towards brand awareness compared to traditional radio which contributes 7% or OOH contributing 8%. Optimizing creatives for specific media placements such as social platform in-feed environments generally improves performance.

Digital marketing offers benefits that translate into increased customer engagement and market visibility. This results in future sales and profitability. The digital marketing platforms are also valuable in enhancing the communication businesses have with their clients. The success and sustainability of any organization is highly dependent on its ability to respond timeously to customer requirements.

Digital marketing plays a crucial role in business performance by providing a platform of exchanges where organizations can learn about customer behavior and adjust marketing strategies to meet this customer dynamics. Digital marketing also acts as a viable platform for organizations to acquire customer feedback on the quality of services which created numerous opportunities for organizations to improve the quality of service and enhance their responsiveness to customer needs.

Digital marketing platforms further create opportunities for organizations to serve customer needs in a more specific manner since businesses can evaluate and analyze customer information based on online data which creates a better platform for targeting marketing.

In essence, digital media creates opportunities for better marketing and advertising due to the huge online presence that allows organizations to send marketing messages to a wider audience in a more flexible, cheap, and relatable manner.