The most powerful Twitter Tips


One of the best digital marketing platforms appropriate for online marketing is Twitter. This platform is excellent for getting brand awareness and better consumer engagement. With over 500 million tweets circulating on the platform every day. It is important to take the time to discover and unlock the full potential of the platform. You can achieve this by applying the best tricks and tips out there.

Lets run through some tips and tricks to help achieve Twitter efficiency.


Write a great bio related to your business or industry niche. Having a great bio is a key element for any Twitter profile. This is your place to communicate to new visitors of your profile exactly what it is that you do. The Twitter bio is indexed by Google. It is the first point of contact for all prospective followers.

Complete your profile (don’t forget to input your website, it’s really important to drive traffic to your site.)

It is also important that you include the following in the bio;

  • Location: include your physical location if you have one; you can also use “worldwide” or post a phone number.
  • Website: your homepage or a landing page where you want to drive customers.
  • Background image: include a Twitter background image to further display your company. Don’t leave it blank!
  • Payment details: say a brief about your payment options
  • Include keywords in your bio, like #digitalmarketing, #contentmarketing, etc. So, one smartest way to go about creating your Twitter bio is to add relevant keywords and hashtags

Pin Tweets

One of the easiest and best ways to get more engagement and more traffic from Twitter is to learn how to effectively use the “pin tweet” feature. Your pinned tweet is the first tweet people see when they visit your profile regardless of how long that tweet was posted, so make it an interesting one that represents what’s going on with your brand. You can always change your pinned tweet!

How to Pin a Tweet

Pinning a tweet will only take you a couple of seconds. First, go to your Twitter timeline and find the tweet you wish to pin to the top of your page. Next, click on the little arrow on the top right of the tweet. Finally, click on the “pin to profile” option in the dropdown menu.

Stop and think for a minute, Twitter resembles a case of updates. The latest ones are what individuals will see when they visit a profile. Sticking a Tweet abrogates this structure as it will naturally put it on the best – first Tweet squares with generally introduction.

Engage More

Engage a lot. Interact with your followers more frequently. Reply to them when they tweet at you. Some recommend commenting 30 times in a day, tweeting 5 times in a day, following 30 active accounts and writing a thread every week.

Be conscious about every Tweet

Focus on the type of your tweets. Will you tweet a “text”, “picture”, “infographics”? If you are planning to tweet a text, be consistent, if you’re going to tweet pictures, be consistent, as well as on infographics. Focus on that. Mix tweets don’t look good on the timeline and you’re sending people away on your timeline. Make it look better. Let’s say you want to tweet pictures, maybe you can do it once or twice a week if you’re tweeting text.

Nature a personality

Be personal from the start keep messages short simple! Make yourself feel like you are just having a conversation and sales will take care of itself, not aggressive. Develop a unique personality on the platform. Your Twitter feed should be a combination of useful content, such as “How to be successful on social media”, and tweets that demonstrate your personality.

Influences and big accounts

Reach Influencers. Follow influencers and other big accounts in your industry. Mention them in your tweets. Talk to them.

The Twitter Strategy

Advance Search on Twitter

The “Advanced search” option on Twitter is great! Twitter has some amazing search capability that gives you some real advantages in marketing. It helps you find exactly what you want. You can search for a user or trend by typing the user name of the hashtag in the search bar. You have word targeting (exact phrases, containing these words, etc.), people targeting (who’ve mentioned certain accounts, from xyz account, etc.) and also by places, near your city/area. For example, if you sell scented candles and you’re looking for people interested in the same, you exactly search “amazing scented candles”. Now, say you only ship within your city, you can add “city name” in the Places option and voilà, you have all the tweets that fit your search criteria.

Use Visuals

Images and videos in tweets help to increase your engagement. Today’s audiences are hungry for a visual experience. Include video, images, and GIFs in your Tweets. Visual content catches people’s attention when they’re scrolling through the feed. This encourages deeper engagement.


Tips are always important whenever we discuss social media. This is a chapter in the eBook called The Twitter Strategy. The book also covers topics like how to make money whilst tweeting, how to get your brand to the audience and the best strategies to win on social media.

By CreaTiVe DesignZS

Hi, my name is Eric Ampadu. I welcome you to my page. I have been trained as an accountant for most of my years. During the COVID lockdowns I decided to learn and build a skill online. I started reading books on digital marketing and how to earn money online. This desire to work online and earn money grew pushing me into learning graphic designing and other creative crafts. Within a year I mastered affiliate marketing blogging and creative craft designing. Today I run two successful blogs, one on wordpress and the other on medium.. I also became very skillfull in graphic designing and other digital crafts. Today I have shops on creative fabrica, Redbubble, Amazon KDP and gumroad actively publishing designs everyday.
It is possible...if you have dream to follow my steps, then I am ever ready to help and guide you.
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