How a poorly designed website can impact growth and revenue generation



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Websites and Blogs

Do you know that a well designed website or blog could be the game changer in this competitive global market environment? A strong internet presence could have great impact on your organizational outlook and prospects.

I had an interaction with a young prospective business owner in my country about a year ago, and through our interactions, I realized that his business has the potential to do better than it is presently. The main issue about his business slow growth prospect has to do with his website which was poorly designed. Every element on that website was static and there appear to be no dynamic relationships between the items, nor interactions with his clients nor suppliers could be achieved through this site, except for clients to probably know that yes, this business exist. What do I mean by that? This gentleman had a website but apparently it has not been designed to maximize performance efficiency, in other to help his business generate the needed traffic and revenue. I said to him, Kofi, do you know that your website could be boosting your revenue several times more than it is contributing to your business presently? He retorted how? “I already have an internet presence and why must I concern myself again to make it dynamic, when I could just round my sales team up and show them how to go about their daily sales activities. I know I pay my sales team well and that is okay for the business, moreover my website was designed for those who may want to know whether I have a company and not more” I was at a moment stunned because people who visited the company’s website had a hard time figuring out what the business was about.

I explained the importance of having a dynamically designed online presence that could help him make sales and grow his brand image. I encouraged Kofi to get his website upgraded from a professional perspective, instead from his own perspective and through the opinions of lay people. I made him understand that as a lay person, his website may appear right to him, based on his own personal biases but not dynamic enough to generate the expected revenue as it may appear confusing to others.

I understood Kofi, because most small businesses lack the understanding on how a website could help enhance their brand image and revenue. I said to him, with the right people and planning, a website could become a money-making utility for his business.


Why is a professionally designed website very important in this modern economy?

Changes in the buying behavior of customers

The internet has changed the buying behavior of most buyers. Gone are the days when people buy without researching and reading about whatever they need. With B2B buying behavior, the internet is the first point of call when it comes to making any purchase.

It is now evident that over 80% of buyers, only make up their minds for a firm purchase, after first visiting a website to familiarize themselves about whether the company they are dealing with and its products are legit and genuine. This means, all things been equal the competitor with the best internet presence has an edge to outperform the market.

So how can you win, in this very competitive environment?

How to win the internet presence
  • You an only win by making it easier for your visitors to quickly and easily find whatever the information they need, and in this digital market economy this contents must be freely available on the site.
  • You win by having a website that clearly articulates what you do and how you are different or better than the alternatives competitors.
  • You win by giving visitors plenty of options for engaging with you, whether opting in for information, engaging with a sales rep, or making a purchase.
  • You win by offering a website that is built for high performance, including high security and fast page-load times.
  • You win by leveraging hugely on social media and social influencers.

How does a dynamic website help generate revenue for a business?

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  1. Several Payment Options

On any dynamically designed websites are several payment options to make it easier for clients to make payments. Unlike a poorly designed website. “To get people to buy from your website, you have to eliminate the potential barriers that keep them from being able to complete their purchase. The more payment options available to your customers, the easier it is for them to buy from you,” Elggren note “If you accept methods like Paypal, Apple Pay or Google Pay, you’ll expand your audience to those who don’t use their credit card for online shopping.”

While credit cards and cash payments may be more popular for brick and mortar purchases and businesses, statistics have shown that eWallets and other alternative payment methods are rapidly rising in popularity for digital purchases. Its been said that this trajectory may continue with more people preferring eWallets as mode of payment in the coming years Global payment report 2018

2. Building trust through reviews


According to survey data from Podium, 93% of online shoppers claim that, an online review directly impacts their decision to buy a product. 

Your website will help you drive home and explain the benefits of your product. You need to clearly explain why clients have to choose your product rather than going to your competitors. You can explain things like the following;

  • we ensure your payments are secured
  • our order process is 100% secured and guaranteed
  • Customer support is 24/7 everyday

If you’re a business that thrives on services or even products you need to have a website and utilize social media to build trust. You could have a few pages with pictures, and a descriptions of the services you offer, and some testimonials from customers. By this you turn your website into a lead generation machine. You can link these reviews to your business from Google, showing how you are a credible and how you can back up your promises.

Make sure you display customer reviews on the product pages as this give product credibility for people to trust your brand. Improving how you utilize and market your website to generate sales could lead to massive long-term revenue growth for your business

3. Collect Customer Feedback


Customer feedbacks are vital to improving your product or services. You need to regularly ask your customers how happy or unhappy they are with the services received. This helps you to improve where necessaries. Many solid websites have inbuilt email marketing tools to send out feedback forms for a customer to answer and also to use social review module that allows a customer to use their social media account to leave product reviews that are shown on social media to account for greater visibility.

4. You can setup an affiliate program on your website

You can also add more to your revenue by writing about, and product endorsements on your website. You can also include a link to an order page that is coded with your information. When a buyer makes a purchase, you receive an agreed upon amount or percentage of the sales . Citibank and Amazon have an affiliate program called Amazon Associates that allows you to earn a fee on purchases referred from your website.

You can also accept sponsored blog post. This contains links to product sales landing pages. Like the above, you receive payment either based on a click through to the landing page or as a flat fee or percentage of the purchase price.

5. You can also use your website to sell other products example e-book sales

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If you have great content that others are willing to pay for, consider producing and selling it as an e-book online. You don’t necessarily have to create the eCommerce infrastructure to do this – you can create a landing page that takes buyers to your book’s page on Amazon or another eCommerce site.


We can clearly see from the above that having a high performance and dynamic website does a lot in generating and boosting not just a brands image but also the revenue of a company. Kofi eventually understood the benefits he stands to gain from upgrading and making his website dynamic. He engaged a professional website designer who is my affiliate, who did a great job for Kofi by building him a robust and dynamic site in just 4 days.

Just like living a healthy life or making your goals a reality, it also takes the right people to do the right work for you.

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