Dynamic websites and their impact on revenue



Websites and Blogs

Do you know that a well designed website or blog could be the game changer in this competitive global market environment? A strong internet presence could have great impact on your organizational outlook and prospects.

I had an interaction with a young prospective business owner in my country about a year ago, and through our interactions, I realized that his business has the potential to do better than it is presently. The website which is hosting information about his company had been poorly done. Every element on that site is static and there appear to be no dynamic relationships between the items on the page nor interactions with his clients except for clients to probably know that yes this business exist. What do I mean by that? This gentleman had a website but apparently it has not been designed to help his business generate the needed traffic and revenue. I said to him, Kofi, do you know that your website could be boosting your revenue several times more than it is contributing to your business presently? He retorted how? “I already have an internet presence and why must I concern myself again to make it dynamic, when I could just round my sales team up and show them how to go about their daily sales activities. I know I pay my sales team well and that is okay for the business, moreover my website was designed for those who may want to know whether I have a company and not more” I was at a moment stunned because people who visited the company’s website had a hard time figuring out what the business was about.

I explained the importance of having a dynamically designed online presence that could help him make sales and grow his brand image. I encouraged Kofi to get his website upgraded from a professional perspective, instead from his own perspective and through the opinions of lay people. I made him understand that as a lay person, his website may appear right to him, based on his own personal biases but not dynamic enough to generate the expected revenue as it may appear confusing to others.

I understood Kofi, because most small businesses lack the understanding on how a website could help enhance their brand image and revenue. I said to him, with the right people and planning, a website could become a money-making utility for his business.